For years The Solutions Team has offered Free credit clean up to our clients, so they could purchase a home.  We were able to get a lot of them into  new homes by helping them clean up their credit fast.  It WORKED actually for 100% of those who participated, who did what we asked them to do & who didn’t give up and get discouraged.    It seemed like a great program and a wonderful thing  for them when we reached that goal.

Sadly the majority of them ended up losing their homes after they got into it.  We felt very sad that they had to go through the trauma and having their credit right back where it was before or Worse.  We felt like maybe this wasn’t such a blessing for them.

That’s when we changed our credit clean up program.  We added education on how to create new habits and wise money principles that would let them have a change of thinking… spending less than they make.  It wasn’t as easy, it actually took 6 weeks of classes.    An interesting thing about our program,  the demand for it dropped drastically.  Where before we had 2 or 3 credit clean up appointments a week, we now have 2 or 3 a year.  What does this say about our society who wants instant fixes and immediate results?      Our credit clean up is FREE  so why don’t people want to pay the price to get on top of their problem?  Like I previously  thought, it is not about having enough money, what it is really about is CHOICES!   Choosing to be responsible and self-reliant.  Living with in your means.  It’s about having FREEDOM!  Call us when you are ready for that.  We can help.

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