As I contemplated on how quickly January & February have melted away, unlike the snow still sitting on my lawn. I wondered why I am so fixated on this time flying phenomenon. It has done it for years! Why act surprised? Why not concentrate on the soaring I am capable of.

It is so easy to think of the things I am not that great at. Lately I have been trying to concentrate on the things I am good at. I am not a good detail person, you may be. I am great at getting things done and organizing my time and environment…I decided to focus and practice that for the last month. Wow! It really feels good to acknowledge what I am good at and what I have accomplished instead of beating myself up because I didn’t do more! I was able to accomplish so much more with this attitude. I felt like I really soared.

What are you good at? Lets share some of our triumphs. This could be a Solution to the anxiety and stress we are feeling. Focus on our strengths, focus on our children’s strengths and most of all be a cheerleader. Lets all Soar this week.

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