So often we think that saving for that dream home, dream car or education is down the road when we get a windfall, less bills or a better job. It doesn’t have to be that way! Saving money can happen right now with no change in your income at all. We are all sitting on windfalls! Where? In our cupboards, fridge, basement and storage. The money you don’t waste is money you can put in savings… Did you know that by turning your sour cream & cottage cheese cartons upside down in the fridge you can lengthen their quality and keep bacteria from getting in and spoiling the food? Did you know that if you store your milk in the back corner of your fridge, next to the freezer in a side by side, never in the the door you can go well beyond expiration date with no loss of quality or nutrients? These small things means less grocery money you need to spend. Be sure and tuck that savings in to an account or place where you can see a difference. Make it a game, how much less can you get by with on shopping day without compromising the quality of your families food? How long can you go without going to the store? This is always a big saver! What about clipping coupons, or making your menus from the sale page?

A lot of times saving money means higher nutritional content, as packaged food is always more expensive than cooking from scratch. It doesn’t have to take longer either. I Never use packaged food and I Never spend more than 30 min. cooking a meal. Cook your way out of DEBT.

Have you considered selling your junk to someone who would consider it a treasure? Free online classified advertising makes it easy. Where have you found windfalls? We’d love to hear!

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