When does refinancing make sense to you? A rule of thumb is 1% below your current interest rate IF you are not planning on selling for the next 3 years. If you are save your money.

Perhaps you are thinking of refinancing to a 15 year loan to save 1000’s, or to get rid of mortgage insurance? Lots of options, call us and we will assist you in getting the best one for you.

We are really excited to be able to assist our clients in achieving their financial goals by helping them with their refinancing options. One thing you will ALWAYS be able to count on is that we will be honest with you. If it only makes sense for the lender, it isn’t right for you. I will help you evaluate your situation so you can determine if it would be good for you! Credit less than perfect? We can help you clean your credit up so you can take advantage of these amazing interest rates & great buys. Call Barb or Bryan at 801 694 5232. Honest answers guaranteed.

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